PW Services, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in need of Guardianship and alternative protective services.


PW Services, Inc. serves individuals who are unable to make responsible judgements about their personal lives and/or financial affairs.  Such individuals might be developmentally disabled, deemed legally incapacitated, or suffer exploitation.

This judgment of any incapacitation is made by the Social Security Administration, the applicable county Probate Court, or another human service/medical agency.

Individuals may also voluntarily request services provided by PW Services, Inc.


PW Services, Inc. Principles

The individual will be encouraged to acquire and maintain the maximum possible freedom while being assisted by PW Services, Inc.

Decisions by PW Services, Inc. will be based upon the perceived best interest of the client and based on the least restrictive alternative. 

Factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • The wishes of the client based on verbal and/or written medical directives.
  • Opinions of medical professionals and case managers.
  • Input from involved family, friends, or other relevant parties.

Information about PW Services, Inc. clients is considered confidential and will be shared only with the appropriate parties under applicable guidelines.

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